Pattern Canada and Samsung Renewable Energy are committed to finding ways to expand benefits for the communities where we operate. Acting on this commitment, the Armow Wind Community Benefits Program was established to support local causes. The program includes a $1 million contribution to the Kincardine Airport for their use to improve local operations and $12.6 million into a Community Benefit Reserve Fund over twenty years. 

The Community Benefits Reserve Fund supports local initiatives in the Municipality of Kincardine. Examples of activities the Fund supports include but are not limited to:

  • Community Infrastructure: roads, airport and municipal servicing infrastructure
  • Community Services: police, fire, emergency medical services, and healthcare
  • Education: educational programs and job training
  • Energy Sustainability: municipal renewable energy systems, vehicle fleet efficiency upgrades, building energy efficiency upgrades and energy conservation programs
  • Land Stewardship: creating a natural habitat, tree planting, shoreline rehabilitation
  • Property Tax: relief for residents and businesses in the community
  • Public Recreation: construction, renovation or rehabilitation of public areas, parks, and trails

Pattern Canada and Samsung Renewable Energy are proud to partner with the Municipality of Kincardine and assist them in their missions to improve the lives of all Kincardine area residents.

Photo courtesy of Mykola Swarnyk