Armow Wind Overview

179 MW wind energy generation facility with 91 Siemens turbines
Power equivalent of approximately 70,000 Ontario homes
Estimated $10 million in property taxes generated over 20 year contract period
15 month construction period
Average of 200 workers on-site throughout project construction and approximately 350 workers during peak construction periods
15 permanent jobs during operations, in addition to local contractors
Project area: approximately 46,000 acres
Surface area affected during operations: less than 1% of total project area

Project Timeline

Commence Environmental Consultant site visits August 2011
Project Description Report posted to public November 2011
Notice of Proposal November 2011
Public information sessions December 2011
Reports available for public review September 2012
Public information sessions November 2012
REA approval October 2013
Start of construction September 2014
Start of operations December 2015