Like all renewable energy project in Ontario, Armow Wind is following the guidelines and directions of the Green Energy Act. Specifically, we followed the Renewable Energy Approval (REA) process, which clearly states the studies, research and community engagement we need to undertake. You can learn more about the REA process here.

Below are some of the documents that have been produced as a part of the REA process. We will keep adding new documents as they become available. Looking for something specific? 
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Facility Brochure


Generator’s License

Ontario Energy Board Notice of Application and Written Hearing

Generator's License


Presentation Documents

November 2011 - Armow Wind Ontario Draft Project Description Report

Notice of a Public Meeting and Proposal by SP Armow Wind Ontario LP to Engage in a Renewable Energy Project for Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Armow Display Boards

Notice of Draft Site Plan

Notice of Public Meeting #2 and Notice of REA Report Release

Armow Display Boards - Public Meeting #2

Notice of Focused Information Session and Project Office Drop-in


REA Documents

00 - Site Plan Report

01 - Project Description Report

02 - Design and Operations Report

03 - Construction Plan Report

04 - Decommissioning Plan Report

05A - Stage 1 Archaeological Assessment

05B - Stage 2 Archaeological Assessment

05C - Additional Stage 2 Archaeological Assessment

06 - Heritage Assessment Report

07A - Natural Heritage Records Review Report

07B - Natural Heritage Site Investigation Report

07B - Natural Heritage Site Investigation Report Appendices (Part 1)

07B - Natural Heritage Site Investigation Report Appendices (Part 2)

07C - Natural Heritage Evaluation of Significance Report

07C - Natural Heritage Evaluation of Significance Report Appendices

07D - Natural Heritage Environmental Impact Study

08A - Water Body Records Review Report

08B - Water Body Site Investigation Report

08C - Water Body Environmental Impact Study

09 - Noise Report

10 - Wind Turbine Specifications Report

11 - Summaries of Technical REA Reports for Aboriginal Communities

12 - Consultation Report

13 - Consultation Report Addendum

Renewable Energy Application

Renewable Energy Approval

Notice of Preliminary Hearing and Hearing Cover Letter

Notice of Preliminary Hearing and Hearing 

Notice of Appeal Decision